Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Experience |Influenster VoxBox Review.


Hey everyone!

Many of you would have heard about Influenster. It’s a website, which anyone can join, blogger or non-blogger. There you can write reviews of products and you get points for those. And you can sign up for getting an Influenster VoxBox. A VoxBox is a surprise box with free products. Absolutely free! Its not obligatory to review those products but if you do, then you get more points and a contest entry and that’s useful for getting more VoxBoxes in the future! (But I’m super late and I don’t think I’ll be getting any points now but still I want to share my experience with you guys :D)

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L’occitane Repairing Mask for dry and damaged hair Review.


I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner from this range last week. You can see that post here. I have been using the shampoo, conditioner since January.

I had read a lot about this mask and when I got samples of this with my shampoo purchases, I was very excited! Each sachet gave me 2-3 uses, I fell in love with it and I really wanted to get the full size mask!

I finally got it in April for $34 :( :( too expensive! Read on to see if it was worth it!

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Five Friday Favorites #11


Hey everyone :)

Its been long I did my Five Friday Favorites!

Its so so hot and humid in Delhi these days that I use almost nothing or as less products as I can!

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L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner Review.


I have very very dry hair and very dry scalp too! And since 7-8 months, I’ve stopped using hair products with sls, parabens etc. It’s been hard to eliminate these stuff completely but I try to avoid as much as I can. Also, I got some serious scalp problem around November-December last year that I’ll share with you in another post. But for this problem, I underwent a sort of treatment and after that I was supposed to use their prescribed products or other chemical free products.

I wanted to try L’occitane hair products since quite a long time. But as we all know, they are super expensive :P  but I finally bought travel size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner last year before going to Chicago and I loved them! And also, by chance once I saw this coupon thingy on their US facebook page which had a coupon that you can redeem in any US store for a free set of travel size aromachologie repairing shampoo and conditioner. And ofcourse I got them :P

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The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Review.


The strawberry shower gel by The Body Shop was one of the first products I used and loved from the brand. I have even repurchased that over time. I love this fragrance but somehow never got around to trying other products from this range and finally when I was about to buy their body mist in April I suddenly got my sister’s message that a TBS package has come for me at home (Delhi). I was quite curious as I wasn’t aware of anything like this and it turned out to be TBS strawberry products including the body mist!!! Yayyy :D the strawberry range is the scent of the season by TBS and I surely agree :P

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BeautyfullJourney turned ‘2’!!




Hey everyone!!!!! I cant believe its been 2 years of blogging already! BeautyfullJourney just turned 2 years old on 23rd june :D yayyyy :)

I couldn’t celebrate on 23rd as I was on vacation. I went to Singapore and Bali with family, it was actually for a family friend’s birthday party and we didn’t actually sightsee or anything but it was a lot of fun and I loveeeed both the places :D I found Singapore better than US in terms of cleanliness, safety and development!! And Bali was awesome… it was 2 days of partying and wine and cocktails and heavenly beaches <3 I’m missing it already! But well, I got back last night full of energy now to live this difficult thing we call ‘life’ :P :D I didn’t shop much, I just bought 2 bags, and a few shorts in Bali and I bought the TBS vitamin E sorbet from Singapore dutyfree, very excited to use that :D I also checked out the body sorbets, they are soooo awesome, I loved them, but I didn’t buy as I saw they’ve made an appearance on the US store now and I’ll definitely get them in some sale soon :P

I felt bad I couldn’t do a giveaway of something to celebrate the 2md birthday with you guys but you know things have been tough lately, I’ll find another reason to treat you all soon :D

It’s a been an awesome 2 years, you all have loved me so much and I really sometimes can’t believe I’ve survived so long on one hobby :P but I’m still as much in love with BeautyfullJourney as I was when I started out and I hope I continue it forever :P

Keep reading what I write my friends and I promise I’ll get better :D

Thank you everyone :*

P.S.Image from Google.

Pink Glittery Champagne On My Nails!


Hey everyone :)

I came home to Delhi from Chicago for the summer vacations all sad and depressed, mainly because I haven’t been doing very well in my studies and also because I really wanted to do a good summer internship but I didn’t manage to get any :( then I got the chance to do a basic industrial training sort of thing in Delhi in a really good company for a month and I got excited and have now joined office last week. Its nothing special and it’s not like a real job but I’m still loving it coz I’m learning a lot and enjoying it :D and yes this is why I’ve been busy and unable to blog!

But anyway, I have quite some interesting product reviews all set to be posted :D

About this post, well, just when I felt I was completely over glitter nail paints, Maybelline comes up with these gorgeous ‘Glitter Mania’ nail paints and they’re trending just about everywhere! Sigh! I had to go get atleast one and see what the hype is all about!

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