Coloring in the white 

Hey my loves :*

A few months back when it was still hot outside , a friend made me realize that I have almost nothing in white in my wardrobe. And I love white ! Whaaatt !! 

So I had been wearing a lot of white in the summer and recently too, and absolutely loving it. Like the one you saw here.


This dress I’m wearing today was a gift from a friend and I love how simple it is and yet so chic. It is actually not a dress, but a playsuit/romper. It has a front layer that makes it look like a dress.

Fun fact – I have a little phobia, I get a little scared of wearing rompers/jumpsuits I sometimes feel I’ll be stuck in them forever. Does that happen to you too or it’s just me who is weird?

 !!! Thankfully this one is super comfortable and not at all feeding to my phobia! Haha


With such pristine white outfits I feel like I’m spoiling it by adding any jewelry to it. So I kept it simple with gold studs and blush colored flats. And I brought along my ethnic clutch to add a beautiful pop of color to the outfit. It just makes everything stand out. I loved it.


img_3940I styled my (short crazy) hair with a braid to compliment the charm of the dress.


img_3933I hope you enjoyed the post and stay tuned for more. And do share how you wear your white outfits !

Love you guys.

Dress: Zara ; Earrings: The Limited ; Shades: Urban Outfitters ; Flats: Old Navy ; Bag: Handloom from India

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  1. Givememorecoffee says:

    Very neat and clean unlike other bloggers. 😊✌🏽


  2. Nice blog post. Hope to see more. And please check out our blog as well.


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